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Featured Suppliers

PLP has been providing innovative product and service solutions to the electric power utility and communications industries since 1947. PLP manufactures and supplies quality cable anchoring and contro...
Manufactures Oil Eater-branded cleaners/degreasers, fleet wash, aqueous parts washers, absorbent pads/rolls and spill kits. Oil Eater cleaners, degreasers and washes are biodegradable, nontoxic, nonf...
Tech Products, Inc. has been a global source Since 1948 of identification products to the utility market including Three-D pole tags, Tech-3D phase marking, transformer labels, Fasttag cable markers, ...

PLH Group Inc, Irving, TX

PLH Group is a leading North American provider of integrated construction, maintenance and emergency support solutions for major utilities, regional cooperatives, municipalities and renewable energy d...
Vivax-Metrotech Corporation in Santa Clara California offers a wide range of products from buried utility locators, valve box locators, and video inspection systems. We have a nationwide network of di...

Featured Products

Oil Eater Original Cleaner/Degreaser

Kafko International Ltd

vLocDM2 Pipeline Defect Mapper

Vivax-Metrotech Corp


Preformed Line Products

Everlast Substation signs

Tech Products Inc

vLocPro2 Buried Utility Locator

Vivax-Metrotech Corp

vCamMX Mini All-In-One Inspection Camera

Vivax-Metrotech Corp

vLoc9800 5 Watt Locator Kit

Vivax-Metrotech Corp

VM-510FFL Standalone A-frame

Vivax-Metrotech Corp

VM-550 / VM-560 Drop Locators

Vivax-Metrotech Corp

FLS-2 Transmitter

Vivax-Metrotech Corp

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